Our customers mean the world to us.

Isn't it time to put yourself first for a change? At Wellness Florida our dedicated staff is here to assist you with all your wellness needs. There is hope for you and the ones you love.
We take pride in all the products we offer because we have taken the time, energy and effort to vet each product we carry. Helping people and their pawed companions is our #1 Goal and something we strive for daily. We take the time to explain things thoroughly so you understand exactly what you are buying and what the benefits are.

Benefits and the science behind it.

At Wellness Florida we are constantly learning new information about CBD and wellness. Did you know that there have been many studies and tests done on the effectiveness and benefits of CBD already? We are always posting great articles, specials and education announcements on our Social Media Pages. So make sure you stay up to date with all the most recent science, news and product posts.

Wellness Florida Customer Service.

It's all about Customer Service.

Do you ever feel like you are just an annoyance when calling or going into most businesses today? When all you need is some assistance, something you as a customer are entitled to just as a general rule. At Wellness Florida we treat every customer like a family member and do our best to suggest the right products for your specific needs. We'll help you get back to doing the things you love and dream about.


Trusted Brands

Trusted Brands

With the vast array of products on the market today, it can feel overwhelming. At Wellness Florida it's imperative that you know the brands we have decided to carry are all trusted, proven and tested. Premium products without the premium price tag. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, e-mail or stop by our shop! Currently located in Daytona Beach, FL


Wellness Boxes

Wellness Florida Boxes


Wellness Florida is bringing Wellness Boxes right to your doorstep or to someone you know. Our Wellness Boxes will be hand selected for you, a loved one or your pets specific needs. You simply let us know what your issues are and we will gladly put a Wellness Box together for you. For busy adults, Seniors and those who need an extra hand, we're also creating a Wellness Club that will enable our customers to re-order without having to go back to the store.  All you have to do is sign up for it!





Allot of people don't know if, why or how CBD could benefit their lives or that of their pets. With that in mind Wellness Florida will be offering educational classes for the general public starting in March 2019. We will hold these classes at our Daytona Beach Location and will announce dates and times on our Social Media pages. Be sure to stop by and follow our accounts. You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Wellness Florida Education


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